Italian Hammond heroes The Link Quartet are back in action and sounding better than ever -- serving up a blistering array of organ, guitar, and heavy percussion -- all grooving with a sweet mix of 60s mod and 70s funk! The group's sound is expanded here a bit more through the used of electric piano, clavinet, mellotron, and moog -- but the core approach is still a no-nonsense love of the swinging soul jazz riff, presented with a stripped-down style that takes us back to some of our favorite indie label work of the 60s. There's an early JTQ feel to most of the album here, and although a few of the cuts on the set feature some guest vocals, the main focus is still on the organ and keyboards -- which loom large over the rest of the grooves! Titles include "Move Move Move", "Italian Playboys", "Briar Patch", "After & Once Again", "Spider Baby", "Take Four", "Rubber Monkey", "Milwaukee Hunter", and "Greased On Delta Street" Anticipeted by the first single Lady Shave feat. DJ NINFA (Irma Records / Mo Plein series) Italian Playboys is the new album by the finest italian acid jazzers masters Link Quartet. With the single Lady Shave DJ Ninfa enraptures the audience with her Brigitte Bardot-like mellifluous voice and the combo from Piacenza has never been so groovy! Just a little taste of what's to come in Italian Playboys with a more complete sound and even more mature (if possible!) than in both previous albums. Not only Hammond beat, the real band's trademark, but also hints of funk, spaceage beat, sitar groove and sprinkling of dancefloor jazz in this album strongly influenced by Small Faces, Brian Auger, James Taylor Quartet and Jean-Jacques Perrey. Italian Playboys includes nine original songs from the classic 6T?s beat styled title track to the introspective After and Once Again, along with a selection of rarely attempted covers including the heavy funk of Jon Lord on Rubber Monkey, an uplifting interpretation of Jack McDuff?s Briar Patch (an alternate version will also appear on the forthcoming McDuff tribute album from Scufflin? Records), and a scorching slice out of the library classic Move, Move, Move. A part from the extraordinaire DJ NINFA we?ve just mentioned, It Italian Playboys also features Doug Roberson of mod fave The Diplomats of Solid Sound (USA) on guitar for the rich robust jazz of Portofino Vespa Rider, Eddie Roberts of deep funk superstars The New Mastersounds (UK) on sitar for the spicy Spider Baby, and Arnaldo Dodici vocals on the monster Zombies style pop Janine. The new album follows the seminal Beat.It (2002, Hammondbeat), two USA tours with the last stop headlining the world reknowned MODchicago weekender, numerous European festivals, and several score contributions to 6T?s spy-revivalist film Wilson Chance (2004, Bunzendahl Brothers, USA) and soundtrack counterpart Wilson Chance: The Sound of Danger (2004, Hammondbeat).Italian Playboys songs have already been featured this autumn on the BBC?s Mark Radcliffe and Craig Charles radio shows, and the indication from the fantastic reviews The Link Quartet have consistently received both on record and on stage, you are encouraged to expect this latest to blow you away to a new funky place.