On this great compilation, 16 almost unknown bands take on the challenge to bring you the best of Nino Ferrer. A truly excellent tribute album. Nino Ferrer was very popular in Europe in the mid sixties and the early seventies, bringing a blend of Pop, Rhythm and soul.Of course like most French artists his repertoire was build around covers & own creations. This man, original born in Italy in 1934 came to France around 1947 and was a great admirer of Jazz & Gospel music. Gradually he became influenced by other styles & by the mid sixties he was taken over by what the French call American YeYe music. His first 7” that really shook the world or at least France was Mirza (1965). Remarkable for that time was the fact that the song wasn’t a cover sung in French & that Nino Ferrer had a real band behind him. From that moment on things changed for the man & during the years to come he would break many young girls heart. Today a bunch of Garage exploits joined on this album to give their version of those great hits. The names of the bands on this record are as good as anything else. Drenched in the sixties, with a numerous of influences, they come from all around Europe and call themselves“Sheetah & Weismuller”, “The Cool Jerks”, “Dutronic” or “Curlee Wurlee”. (To name but a few). Special attention goes out to our friends from Italy ‘The Link Quartet” who cover Mao & Mao from 1967 and a Dutch band The Waistcoats who brings us a great tune called “Oh! He! Wat! Goed!” originally done in 1965 as “Oh! Eh! Hein! Bon!”Released on Larsen records, this album is available on drunkabilly post order amongst others.
Mr Blue Boogie - rate: 4/5