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Album DescriptionAnother Hammond organ monster from the www.HAMMONDBEAT.com community!!!Wilson Chance: The Sound of Danger is a new kind of soundtrack...or is it? A collaborative effort with 5 instrumental artists working together toward a common goal. Hand selected by filmmakers Jeffrey and George Bunzendahl to achieve the right aural texture for their film, and further exploited by Hammondbeat's creative director Kahlil Breithaupt to deliver a unique sidebar that at once stands on its own as a groovy 6Ts-ish instrumental compilation as well as being a cohesive filmic tale of espionage, action, danger, and what everyone needs...sex.The Sound of Danger divides into several combinations, but most obviously there is the spy-surf stylings of The Special Agents (UK) and The Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E. (Switzerland) along with a contemporary dose from 007 guitar legend Vic Flick...yes, THE James Bond Theme! In equal measure there are the heavy Hammond organ spy-beat grooves from THE definitive Italiano bands The Link Quartet (Piacenza) and Mike Painter & The Family Shakers (Milano). The Sound of Danger also delivers a 3-act film structure that fluidly moves from scene-to-scene with a dash of dialogue here and action effects there, but not in a gimmicky way and never at the expense of the music. You will undoubtedly find your own ways of defining the album's structure too, and how many different ways you can resequence and edit it for different listening scenarios!The relationship between the music and Wilson Chance began with Vic Flick signing on to provide the score to the film. It is both 6T's familiar and topically modern, adding electronics to the mix, while preserving that distinctive Flick guitar style. Hammondbeat soon joined the party with the addition of The Link Quartet and 5 songs from the 2002 release "BEAT.IT" (also available at CDBaby...hint, hint!), and introductions went out to The Special Agents, The Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E., and a bit later Mike Painter & The Family Shakers (also available at CDBaby!!), all of whom contributed tracks from their recent albums to the film.While that was churning away in the director's editing bay of his studio, we all got a little anxious to make something happen sooner than later, and an album - this album - started to take shape, but rather than recycle the same songs previously released on CD, a brand new score was the thing the fans would want and from that a new story too. Part 3Ts detective radio drama and part 6Ts swinging London, this album represents 1/2 of the tale. The full audio drama featuring the cast of Wilson Chance is soon for this world, and twists and turns the music in yet another whole new way.The Sound of Danger is 70 minutes of audio overload, and features previously unreleased music from todays best Hammond organ bands:The Link Quartet: "The Sound of Danger", "Greased On Delta Street", "Souvenir de Macon", and "Deliquesced by Devonshire"The Special Agents: "A Spy In The Ointment", "Tinker Tailor Surfer Spy", "The Lunar Sea (part 2)", and "Wilson Chance Theme" (composed by Vic Flick)The Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E.: "Last Chance", "Krambambuli '67", and "Targets"Mike Painter & The Family Shakers: "Chasin' Chance", "Soul Hunter", and "Kitty's Rendezvous"Plus a very special guest appearance by The Yards with a tune ("Munchimoo Boogaloo") that will blow the lid off any prior notions you may have had, and of course songs and elements from Vic's score both straight-up and on-the-rocks tie the whole thing together.http://hammondbeat.com/http://www.wilsonchance.com/http://www.linkquartet.com/http://mikepainter.net/http://www.men-from-spectre.org/http://www.geocities.com/thespecialagents/http://www.vicflick.comhttp://www.theyards.netComing soon...THE LINK QUARTET"ITALIAN PLAYBOYS INTERNATIONALE "featuring extra special guests:* DJ Ninfa (www.ninfa.net) with a vocal turn on Gus Gus'"Ladyshave"* Doug Roberson (www.thediplomats.org)* Eddie Roberts (www.newmastersounds.co.uk)
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