Hammond Beat next releases

Picture/foto : LINK QUARTET summer 2004

HBR 004 PR Special Agents "Bulletproof Beat" CD(advanced promo version with exclusive bonus tracks - only in the Hammondbeat shop and at Special Agents shows)

HBL 001 Dansettes "Oh My!" CD (EP)
HBL 002 Fil Lorenz Soul-tet "Stinky Stinky" CD (EP)
HBL 003 Link Quartet / Diplomats of Solid Sound "split 45 - live" 7" (EP)
(note tour delay may bump this release to early 2006)
LINK QUARTET SONGS : "Move move move" (live 21-02-2003 at "Fillmore" - Piacenza - Italy supporting Brian Auger's Oblivion Express) + "Alfa Romeo Duetto" (live 30-11-2002 at "Zion Club" - Chiasso -Switzerland)

HBR 004 Special Agents "Bulletproof Beat"
CDHBR 005 Screamin' Retro "Scream On!" CD (mini-album)
HBR 00# TOP SECRET RELEASE "tentatively on schedule" CD

HBR 00# Yards "Wit" CDHBL 004 Baron Samedi E.S.Q. "Feed A Fever" CD

13-JUN-2006 or 11-JUL-2006 (the LINK QUARTET blast)
HBL 00# "Three In A Bed" b/w "Three In A Bed (gianluca remix)"
HBL 00# "Don't Burst My Bubble" b/w "Mao et Moi"
HBL 00# "Alfa Romeo Bertone" b/w "Sweet Little Apples"
HBR 00# "Evolution" (first pressing with bonus CD)