Hammondbeat Records: Back in Action!

The official "press releases" are still in the works, but wanted to let the community in on a few of our upcoming projects.
Some is subject to finalizing details, but these things are as certain as one can be in this crazy business...First up we've got 4 records going into USA distribution (all outlets) for 3 indies. Tiki Tone's "Ruins of Rome" by The Nelsonics will be available August 9. This will be followed September 13 with a re-release of their debut album "The Nelsonics" featuring an extra track + the Hammondbeat logo and world famous History of Hammondbeat essay too ;-).
Also on the 13th will be The Diplomats of Solid Sound's 2001 debut "Instrumental Action Soul" (Prescription Records) and The Yards 2002 debut "The Yards" (Bugaboo Records - and watch for the co-branded release of "Wit" in early 2006).2 EP's (CD format) are in the works. First up is NYC's The Dansettes.
These ladies (the voice) and gentlemen (the band) will blow you away. "Oh My!" will be backed with an original b-side, a killer cover, and a pair of instrumentals. A 45 with a new tune on the flip is being sorted for early '06, but the EP should be available in October from the site with an official street in November or December.
We were honoured to share the ModChicago stage with them a couple of years ago and you WILL want to see them live promoting this debut disc! We're hoping to match that date with The Fil Lorenz Soul-tet "Stinky Stinky" EP. Fil was formerly a member of the fab Nick Rossi Set, and now heads up several variations of the Soul-tet including a full horn section incarnation. This 3-tune EP will feature the 5-man crew, but an album is in the works for '06 that will feature the whole line-up. This is expected to street the same date as The Dansettes, but we've got some work to do to match the pre-sale.begin: !!!PROMO ALERT!!!
Due to the short promotion cycle for these EP's we'd love to hear from any mags, promoters, or radio stations/shows that require a promo of either of these EP's - please write us at hbinfo@hammondbeat.com and include "Fil Lorenz" and/or "The Dansettes" in the subject so that we can sort your name to the proper list. Please provide your mailing address and details about your media affiliation. We will also e-mail Live365-ready MP3's to anybody running a program in the MP3-pro file format. In all cases, please also let us know if you would like to be on our future promo-list, and if you're genre specific indicate what styles you're looking for. Anybody that has contacts in these areas, we and the bands would very much appreciate it if you could send them this open invitation to contact us for promotional materials.
We want to make every promo count so that we can get more projects in the pipeline!end: !!!PROMO ALERT!!!In early '06 we've got a few things ready to rumour.
The Baron Samedi E.S.Q. follow-up "Feed A Fever" will be out in the Spring, we're working out pre-summer dates for Screamin' Retro's debut (provisionally titled "Scream On"), and there will be a trio of exclusive/rare Link Quartet 45's which will be capped off by the CD "Evolution" (June/July) featuring every song released prior to "Beat.It" all on one CD...along with 2 unreleased tunes this bad boy will be maxed out.
We're in talks with several UK bands to do sub-licensing stateside and have several 3rd/4th quarter '06 releases in development. We're wishing for a positive response to the LQ 45's as we've got at least a dozen bands itching to do one with us!
We'd really like to hear from you guys about your desire for this kind of material. Martin Lovegrove is designing the official Hammondbeat label and slip-sleeve.
The label part should get it's debut on a live split-45 that will feature LQ and The Diplomats of Solid Sound for their October reunion tour (this time in Italy).
We'll have a limited supply available on the site of course, but this item will be mainly available at LQ and Diplomats shows only.
A detailed announcement on this 45 along with more info about the LQ trilogy will be coming August/September.And of course our most immediate project "Bulletproof Beat" by The Special Agents is nearly done, with an official announcement and pre-order price coming soon.
Peace and groove,Hammond-burning-the-candle-at-every-end-beat!!