The Hammondbeat Club is the future of funk 'n' groove! The Club is designed to make a very special connection between the bands you love and you, the fans. The club will feature 3 types of special releases. First, exclusive booty-shaking releases, like "Mile High Mayhem". Other exclusives planned for this year include some Link Quartet 7" singles! Second, advance promo copies of future commercial releases. These won't be just any advance promos, though kiddies. These promos will include exclusive packaging as well as exclusive tracks not to be found on the commercial versions. Look for the new record by The Special Agents to get this treatment later this year. Third, commercial releases at a special price and well in advance of the "official" street date! Hey, we're the gods of groove; we can get away with this. Also included will be special discount offers on future purchases as well as instant discounts! Pretty cool, huh?
"Mile High Mayhem" is a very special collection of remixes, alternate versions, live tracks, and demos by the mighty Link Quartet. This release will never be issued commercially, so the only way to get this bombastic collection of Hammond mayhem is to get it from the club or to attend the Mile High Mayhem 2005 scooter rally in Denver CO (which Hammondbeat is proudly sponsoring). Get 'em now, 'cause when they're gone...they're gone!

Mile High Mayhem
Mile High Mayhem is the soundtrack to the movie of the screenplay of... wait a minute...actually it's the fourth release in our "bootleg" series, only this time it's got a face lift and will sport a thermal image on the disc and high resolution printing of the cover. You'll also have access to an optional tray image to download and print to go the jewel case route if you prefer. But you'll also only be able to pre-order this release as the first 400 are going to Denver for the exclusive give-away, so we'll only be making enough extras to fill orders from www.Hammondbeat.com shoppers. You must order by 10pm (PST) on July 4th, 2005! Discs will ship approximately July 25, 2005.