Wild Sazanami Beat! Volume 2

V/A - Wild Sazanami Beat! Volume 2 (Sazanami)

Hot on the heals of the first Wild Sazanami Beat compilation comes another great collection of surf and garage rock, most of it by bands based in Japan. Some of the band names are pretty unreal, like Rocket Jack Vaders, The Sellcancers, Cookie & The Twinkle Arrows and my favorite, Gaijin A Go Go, but fortunately the music is unreal too. Like, completely amazing! Where else are you gonna find a completely fuzzed out version of the garage rock classic "Have Love Will Travel" with a chick singing in broken English? Continental faves The Woggles are here with a song they sung in Japanese, "Mella Mella". Les Cappuccino, a Japanese lounge combo, contribute a completely deconstructed version of the Nancy Sinatra chestnut "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" that is absolutely amazing.

Tracks: Rocket Jack Vaders: Uruwashi no Lati'n Rool - The Portugal Japan: Have Love Will Travel - The Woggles: Mella Mella - The Sellcancers: Harakiri Stomp - Chocomates: Surfer Girl - The Babies: Girl - Cookie & The Twinkle Arrows: Mr. Camel - Tony Borlotti & I Suoi Flauers" Superdonna - God Surfers: Gypsy Road - Goggle-A: Aozora no Arukagiri - Go! Go! Magneg Flower Momonga: Kousoku Ichigousen - Gaijin A Go Go: Chatterton-San - The Link Quartet: Delisquesced by Devonshire - Tiger Lily: Mascara - Katayama Breakers & The R&R Party: Haguruma - Das Boot: Nightmare Feel - The Mojomatics: The Story That I Tell - Greenwich Alley: Cheese & Corn - The Sanpiners: I Love You * * * - Cooterfinger: Rehab Twist - Tiki Tiki Bamboooos: Secret Spot - Les Cappuccino: These Boots Are Made For Walkin' - Tedesco & The Pitmen: La La La La Love You - Miyako No Myers: Miyako no Tawamure.