Coming up July 28-31, Mile High Mayhem (www.milehighmayhem.com) will host their 8th annual scooter event in Denver. Hammondbeat was asked to join an illustrious group of sponsors for this year's event, which is expected to attract about 400 scooter enthusiasts. This event is one of the leading rallies in the USA, and by all accounts one of the best organized. Hammondbeat has sent a stack of CDs and other goodies for their raffle, which funds the expenses of the event, itself free to participants. We are putting the finishing touches on a very limited edition CD that will be given free to most if not all of those that attend. The disc will feature 13 songs by The Link Quartet - 6 are from the now discontinued mini-LP "Strudel Girl vs. The New Acid Wave" bootleg, 2 are previously unreleased from the Italian Playboys sessions, and 4 live tracks from shows in 2004 and 2005. A complete listing and the brilliant artw