BOOGALOO TO JACK McDUFF Reviewed by Ryan Richardson

How cool is this compilation? 6 of the 11 tracks are performed by bands featured right here on Hammondbeat, and it is a tribute to one of my favorite jazz organists, the late, great Brother Jack McDuff! So, it has to be good, right? You betcha!

Hammondbeat veterans The Diplomats Of Solid Sound kick off the record in great fashion with a kickin' version of "Grease Monkey". Doug and the boys have augmented the traditional Diplomats sound with tenor & baritone saxes + a taste of congas. Nate Basinger gives an inspired Hammond performance on the organ.

Jeremy Baum follows with "Snap Back Jack". The song itself is performed nicely, but Hammond is somewhat overwhelmed during most of the track by the guitar and the horn section.

Next up is the greasy vocal track "Can't Get Satisfied" by The Greyhounds - a tasty straight ahead 3-piece blues performance.

Jazz organist Joe Krown checks in with "A Real Gone Guy". The song is more on the mellow and melodic end of the scale than most of the tracks on the record. Joe Krown provides nice organ solos, and is supported by some fine tenor sax playing by Eric Traub.

Drive-By Leslie's rendition of "Cold Duck Time" is a small slice of laid-back organ blues heaven featuring some down-right nasty organ work by Adam Kipple.

Just when your ears have you convinced that the rest of this record might be a mellow organ jazz/blues listening experience, "You Sho' Walk Funky" by The Sol-Reys opens up a monster size can of funky whoop-ass all over you.

Continuing the up-beat, funky trend is the second entry from organist Otto Roeser (the first being The Sol-Reys), The Night Callers version of "The Natural Thing". This track is also very well done. The one criticism here is that Roeser is playing an M-3 organ, and the tone quality is not as rich and textured as the mighty B-3 that we all love so much, and it takes away from the listening experience a little bit.

Here's where the record makes a return to the stable of artists featured on Hammondbeat, finishing up with tracks by The Yards, The Link Quartet, The New Mastersounds and McLemore Avenue (in that order).

Kicking up the jams for this last section of the record is The Yards horn infused take on "Down Home Style". Trombonist Tom Johnson's arrangement fills out the down home style of The Yards perfectly and makes for 5:22 of very joyful noise.

The mighty Link Quartet provide a monster version of "Briar Patch" (an alternate version appears on the stylish and masterful "Italian Playboys" record). LQ's musicianship is truly first-class, and this funky explosion of a track is proof positive.

Speaking of funky explosions, it doesn't get much funkier than the amazing New Mastersounds' "Butter For Yo Popcorn". The NMS blow out enough soul power to reach the spirit world and make Brother Jack himself pause and take notice.

Last, but not least, is McLemore Avenue's "Hunk O' Funk". This is another inspired performance of a great tune. What a way to finish!

The record leaves you satisfied and begging for more at the same time. To sum it up, this is a great record. Do yourself a favor and buy 2 or 3 so you can impress your friends. And be sure to check out the contributors right here on Hammondbeat for more goodies.

© Ryan Richardson 2005