Tony dal forum dell'HammondBeat

Tony dal forum dell'HammondBeat sul concerto con il JTQ e quello londinese

It is really great to play with your own "master". We've had the opportunity twice before: Brian Auger in 2003 and nearly 8 years ago with JTQ. It was wonderful to support JTQ once again! We played at the fantastic North Italian club "Thunder Road", which is quite close to Piacenza, so many of our local fans were out in support.
To be honest, James Taylor was not so friendly with us, but we ignored this and did our best "dirty work" just the same! A little bit of delusion on our part, which served to produce a great gig by The Link Quartet - clean, cool, and hard with high energy groove...an extra special thanks to the technicians of the club. The people enjoyed and danced.
James Taylor Quartet started off playing a couple of cool songs as trio (Hammond, bass and drums), then were joined by a small (and great) brass section. The sound was cool and jazzin' - really sophisticated and painted with 70's funky stomps. Great!!!
Then the music changed when their soul female singer joined in. Great voice, good groove, but the music is too much into the 70's funky Disco for my taste, and the Hammond was no longer the star. The audience liked the sound though...evidenced by their dancing and claps. But, we still like to remember the old and groovy JTQ from year's past.
Tony Face

The London gig was great!!! The club was sold out, and playing "Crosstown traffic" on the same stage where Jimi Hendrix used to play 40 years ago was very emotional.
Paolo played Hammond where Jimmy McGriff, Lonnie Smith and Booker T played in the 70's.
I played where Keith Moon of The Who did a session in the 60's...
Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Led Zeppelin all played there.
We had a lot of problems with the Hammond, but at last people went crazy (also thanks to 10 friends coming from Italy and dancing in front of the stage, our wives Rita and Silvia included).
The club was full of Londoners but also people coming especially to see us from North of England, Scotland, Ireland...
Two encores, lots of compliments, and new projects to come.
Great great great!!!