Time to say...THANX!!!!!!

Time to say...THANX!!!!!!

After two weeks of great work...a moment of rest! Time to say thanx to some people:

° to the Thunder Road crew, who helped us in playing a great gig supporting the James Taylor Quartet, to Erika, always selling our merchendising to the world, to Paolo & Paolo of the Bloody Fire (always there) and to all the old friends we have met during that night!

° Great great great THANX to Merli, Julio, Jordi, Pedro, Paco and all the other guys we met at the GO! Lleida sixties festival. A wonderful festival, really good vibrations and cool people (cheers to psychedelic Jorge and Cemar, to Cyril, the organ player of The Strawberry Smell - one of the best Hammond combo ever! -, to the nice guys from the Beat by Five, to Alessandro "Giaguaro" Casella and to all the guys who have supported us and has come from all around the Spain to hear our concert, we won't forget friends!!!). Another great and special THANX to Dr. Rob Bailey (really glad to have met you again in Carnaby last week-end, it's a small small world!!!) for the good time in Spain and the wonderful DJ sect, we all hope to meet you in Venice in june!

° Great great THANX to Jean-Paul Secular and Right-on!, to Dan Rudland, Mojo and the London's Mods we have met at the Troubadour Club. Thanx to Mike Carr for Hammond support, to Massimo Braghieri and to the whole italian crew (Little Italy goes England!!), to our label/tour manager Nic Recordkicks, to Mike (the drummer of The Gene Drayton Unit - the promo of your last album is simply WONDERFUL!!!!) and to all the fantastic people we have met in the Swinging London...really it has been a wonderful night!!

Hope not to have forgot someone, in the case blame alchool!!! Cheers to everyone and thanx to you all from the Link Quartet, we all hope to see you friends again somewhere around the world! Stay tuned for news (keep on checkin' our site!) and keep on groovin'!

with love to everyone,
The Link Quartet
(Apollo, Tony, Giulio, Renzo, Arnaldo)