Italian Playboys reviewed in "20th Century Guitar"

REVIEW IN 20th Century Guitar (June issue, USA)
The whole lounge and exotica movement of the mid ‘90s gave way to a number of retro-flavored musical trends. Influenced by the organ-based sound of Booker T. & The MGs and swinging the ‘60s, Italy’s great instrumental rock group The Link Quartet inject great style and panache into the musical mix on their 2004 CD Italian Playboys. A stellar tribute to the ‘60s Stax R&B and Hammond organ sound crafted by Booker T. Jones and guitarist Steve Cropper, The Link Quartet bridge musical generations with their magnificent Italian Playboys CD. With a modern yet retro sound, the band—including keyboardist Paolo “Apollo” Negri and guitarist Giulio “Link” Cardini—hits hard and fast. Overall, the CD is a fine spin for fans of ‘60s soundtracks and the funkadelic soul revolution of the mid ‘70s, and there’s even a cool Booker T. inspired cover of the The Beatles classic “Glass Onion”.
by Robert Silverstein (music review editor)