Scufflin, 2005
Boogaloo To Jack McDuff
A festival of funky Hammond organ work -- all laid down in loving tribute to the genius of Brother Jack McDuff! The set is the best so far in the "Boogaloo To" series -- and it's one that brings together work by a variety of acts from the deep funk and mod instrumental underground -- all artists who really seem to get the vibe that McDuff was going for back in the 60s, and who manage to serve up the tunes with just the right raw, stripped-down power they require! Most of the tracks on the set are McDuff originals, and others are played in tight McDuff arrangements. Titles include "Butter For Yo Popcorn" by New Mastersounds, "Hunk O Funk" by McLemore Ave, "Grease Monkey" by Diplomats Of Solid Sound, "Can't Get Satisfied" by The Greyhounds, "Real Gone Guy" by Joe Krown Organ Trio, "Briar Patch" by Link Quartet, "Down Home Style" by The Yards, "Yo Sho Walk Funky" by The Sol Reys, and "The Natural Thing" by The Night Callers.