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The Soundtrack To Wilson Chance
"The Sound Of Danger"
Hammond Beat

Just what the doctor ordered - a heavyweight selection of acts those nice people over at Hammond Beat have pulled together from around the globe to create this - the soundtrack to the forthcoming film Wilson Chance ( to be released summer 2004). At times sounding like the most devastatingly good library music you'll never get your hands on (check out "Greased On Delta Street" by Italy's The Link Quartet) and at other times leave you wondering why John Barry never thought of that. The soundtrack features the legend that is Vic Flick - no seriously it does! And yes he's still got it (check out "The Wilson Chance Theme" by The Special Agents feat. the great man himself). Quite clearly an essential release upon listening, showcasing some of the 'Hammond Groove' scenes most creative and musically adventurous ensembles. Acts include: The Link Quartet from Italy, The Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E. from Switzerland, Mike Painter And The Family Shakers from Italy, The Special Agents from the UK, The Yards from the USA and Vic Flick (The original 007 guitarist) from the USA.Drenched in 6T's spy-fi and exotica with that glorious Hammond organ sound featuring heavily. Standout tracks other than the two previously listed have to be "Munchimoo boogaloo ( Tiki Torcher Mix)" by the Yards - a frollocking Tiki tinged affair that will get you reaching for your cocktail shaker, "Chasin' Chance" by Mike Painter will get you revvin' that Barracuda up if car chase themes are your thing and this one is one of the better ones i've heard, blistering stuff! And if the funk purists are thinking "why am I still reading this?" then perhaps I should mention The Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E's wonderful "How Good Is Good" style frenzied workout on the B3 "Krambamuli '67". Ass spanked? Yes please. Just hope the film lives up to the soundtrack!