If there was a sound that described Austin Powers in Roma or Starsky & Hutch in Napoli, it would be The Link Quartet. The Link Quartet plays 1960's Beat music like it's never been played before. It's energetic, it's frantic, and it's about to become the next big sensation in America.Italy's The Link Quartet has been making their funky music for over a decade. Relatively unknown outside of their native country, The Link Quartet is slowly building a following in Los Angeles and San Francisco, where the Swing music revival of the 1990's was born.The Link Quartet is lead by the driving sound of the Hammond organ, which creates the fat full-bodied sound so common in most 1960's pop. The organ is backed up by a fuzzed out electric guitar which is equal parts psychedelic 1960's and funked-out 1970's. Filling out The Link Quartet is the spy theme influenced bass guitar and hard rocking drumming. Together, they create the sonic equivalent of a car chase."Italian Playboys", the latest release by The Link Quartet is a great introduction to the band as well as the revived 1960's Beat scene. This is not listening music, though. The Link Quartet is party music; it's driving music; it's high energy excitement set to a funky rhythm."Portofino Vespa Rider" is the quintessential song from The Link Quartet. Its easy flowing 1960's beat conjures images of a scooter ride through the streets of Los Angeles. To the funky rhythm of "Portofino Vespa Rider", you could imagine cruising past outdoor cafes, palm trees, and a lot of sunshine.If you are looking for Frank Sinatra or Andrea Bocelli, look elsewhere. But if you own a small restaurant/bar or are planning a wild house party, The Link Quartet may be right for you. Their unique sound and retro feel could make them the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy of the Beat scene.
© Mario Bove, 2005