If you are a soul hungry man or a funk hungry woman, a groove hungry child or a rhythm hungry babe...there's a place that really could make you satisfied: Soul Cookers! The "nouvelle cousine" of modern funky music has just opened the doors and you can check their menu at: www.soulcookers.com
Some days ago I have had the great fortune of tasting their first dish, delivered at home by an efficient home delivery service...and "wow!", it tastes wonderful!!! If you take a look at the menu of these french cookers you can see that the first "entree" is called "Butter for yo' popcorn", by The New Mastersounds. Here, at The Link Quartet home, we already know this band for having had theyr guitar player (Eddie Roberts) as guest on our last album, having psychedelic fun with sitar on our Spider Baby. "Butter for yo' popcorn" is a simple plate that take the form o a super-cool '45 (sincerely, one of the most beautiful vynil work I have ever seen!) containing two stunning ultra-funk tracks: the title track (side A, an up-tempo that will make you shake your ass once and again and will satisfy all your need of funky taste, sure you will lick your fingers after dinner!) and a B-side (Vandenburg suite) containing different ingredients such as soul, funk and a little bit of psychedelic "vinegrette" to cover everything. Wha-wha guitar, close drummings, rockin' basses and a screaming Hammond organ are the main ingredients of this tasteful dish, all coming from selected origin! Here you have a fat-funk band realizing some of their best butter-covered courses for this new soul-restaurant...things like this should happen every day, just to keep you shaking while eating!
If you are still hungry of soul and Hammond sounds you can wait for the next "delicatessen" in the menu of the Soul Cookers...from The Stoned Soul Picnic (do you remember a song from Roy Ayers?) we are all waiting an "Erotic Cake" for the entire "Funk food family", a delicious dessert for your after-dinner! Let's wait a little more, "chef" told me that the cake is almost ready and will be served you soon with tasty grooves and cool vibrations! So stay tuned on this new french reality and let's get big and fat with this super-funk-driven cookers!

Apollo beat