The Rookies: Out Fashion – Demo Cd
Garage, was never out of fashion & that’s also true for this Italian Garageband, the Rookies.This carefully recorded demo gives us a good insight in this (for us)unknown band. Paolo Negri (Remember The Link quartet) is the only name Irecognize and it’s by him that I got this demo recording. Fourteen tracksmust convince you to give these guys a record deal and that’s why I put thisreview here, cause they definitely earn one.As with most garage songs’ they almost all tick in under 3 minutes exceptfor the last one “One Time around” and the immense beautiful “What’s wrongwith you”. The fact that all songs are short is the only comparison you canmake with many other garage bands from today. While most of them barely canhold a guitar and defines their lack of skills as Low-Fi music, this SixPiece combo sure knows how to use their instruments. It’s definitely clearthat the Rookies are a bunch of fine musicians who are not afraid to recordfull frame. I can only advise to lay your hand on this album and try tolisten to some fine examples of The Rookies Sound. Take for instance “What’swrong with you”, this is a fine tune that reminds me a lot of the music ofEric Burdon or “I don’t care” the first track on the album, which is a more“punk” driven garage song complete with sixties beat & nice guitar riffs.“I walk alone” is probably among the better tunes, and is definitely my HotPick for this album.The Rookies are 100% psychedellic, garage sounds and if you dig this then I’m pretty sure you want the Rookies for your next party. Right now theseguys are still without a record deal, but maybe you can change this situation...