With a 3 day weekend for me, I have no excuse for not listening to some NEW music (along witha few old favorites).
All of it good stuff!!
Reviews to follow...(and I have a feeling that most of this will find it's way to Soul-Patrol.Net Radio)
**Skip Martin - From The Heart(Soul/R&B/Slow Jams)
**The Best Of The Jimmy Castor Bunch + Jimmy Castor's 2 New EP's(OvaThaTop Funk/Jazz/Latin/Doo Wop/Rap)
* Thornwood - Just A Little Sly(Jazz-Funk)
**Cooly's Hot Box - Don't Be Afraid Get On(Soul/Dance/Funk/Neo Soul)**Unifics - Unifics Return(Soul/R&B/Slow Jams)
**Like So - Like So(Soul/Rock - If Lenny ever made a good album it might sound like this)**Martha Redbone - Skintalk(Soul/Funk/Slow Jams/Rock)
**Fats Domino - Fats Is Back(R&B/Rock)
**Geno - The Ghetto Symphony(Soul/Funk/Neo Soul)
**Carmen Rogers - Free(Soul/Funk/Neo Soul)
**Little Richard - King of Rock n' Roll (the complete Reprise Recordings)(Soul/Funk/Rock/Blues/Gospel/Jazz and everything else you can think of)
**Eclectic Soul - The Bandit Label(Classic Soul/Funk/Slow Jams)
**The Link Quartet - Italian Playboys(Jazz/Funk)
**Manhattans - Doing Their Best Things(Soul/Doo Wop: Tha Missing Link)
**The Square Egg - Songs To Live By(Hip Hop/Spoken Word/Neo Soul)
**Corey Red & Precise - Persistance Iz Futile(Gangsta Rap/Gospel)