The SMALL FACES tribute LP

...praticamente se ne parla da 4 anni (!), dal sito della Twist Records dicono che forse questa รจ la volta buona....speriamo bene!!!

Small Faces Compilation
The SMALL FACES tribute LP on TWIST RECORDS is due for release in late autumn/early winter. Meanwhile the bill includes nearly 30 bands that will easily fill a double album. Latest signings are Graham Day, guitarist and singer of The Solarflares, with an amazing version of "Tin Soldier". This was recorded a couple of years ago with Day as producer. Although it comes close to the original in parts it has a fresh and modern 90s touch to it. The opening riff alone is worth the admission. After The Threads who play this years Small Faces convention in London with Afterglow and 17Black two other convention bands have announced to be part of the album. They will record a selction of songs including "Wham Bam..." and "Don't Burst My Bubble". The Lears, Byrds-style band from the States, have given and old recording of "E To D" some fresh 12-string-treatment. The result is a quite psychedelic-sounding version of this German 7" B-side. Talking about Psychedelic: Mandragora Lightshow Society (Germany) will do their very own version of "Song Of A Baker" and Fantasyy Factoryy (Germany) will add even more colour to the psychedelic and progressive shades of the album. "Autumn Stone" could be their cup of tea, however this hasn't been confirmed yet. Much to everyone's surprise Italian garage legend came up with an unreleased version of "Talk To You". This is one of the nice moments when somebody opens his box of treasures... More bands will make their choice of track soon. Tracklist so far:
My Mind's Eye - The Insomniacs (US)
Watcha Gonna Do About It - The Sires (GB)
Afterglow - Mind Kiosk (D)
Lazy Sunday - Zoom (US)
Mad John - Walter Ghoul's Lavender Brigade (US)
I'm Only Dreaming - Bronco Bullfrog (GB)
Understanding - Immediate (GB)
Here Come The Nice - The Risk (t.b.c./GB)
Get Yourself Together - The Snydes (GB)
Hey Girl - The Woggles (US)
Tin Soldier (2 versions) - Superphonic / Graham Day (F/GB)
Sorry She's Mine - The Troublemakers (US)
Almost Grown (2 versions) - Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E. / Link Quartet (CH/I)
Shake! - Mystery Action (US)
Become Like You - The Dilemmas (GB)
Green Circles - The Threads (GB)
Song Of A Baker - Mandragora Lightshow Society (D)
I've Got Mine - Monochords (t.b.c./D)
E To D - The Lears (US)
Talk To You - Sick Rose (I)
Rollin' Over - J60 (GB)
Wham Bam - Afterglow (GB/t.b.c.)
Don't Burst My Bubble - Afterglow (GB/t.b.c.)