Recensione da ODYSSEYZINE


The Link Quartet
"Italian Playboys" (CD)

The Link Quartet are back with more of their spacey instrumentals and psychedelic organ jams. This time they get kind of crazy with the Moog for great effect. They even squeeze some cool French vocals, and some sexy femme fatale vocals in the mix on a couple of songs. At first the album comes across as a party record, with upbeat instrumentals dominating. As the record progresses things get a little more consistently complex and different, but it's still interesting and fun. The Link Quartet are at their best when they play up their European, hi-fi-obsessed, bachelor sophisticate style and start to go almost over the top, as the songs that really get the goosebumps rising have a Montenegro/Mancini-styled dramatic spy movie flavor, and conjure fantasies of late night partying with ice cold cocktails and maybe some hallucinogenics, saunas with a lady friend, private planes, fast cars or getaways at your private ski cabin in the Swiss alps. Still, it never quite approaches that ridiculous level You can tell by the absolute perfection in performance that they're really quite serious. They project a certain erudition that I really like.

reviewed by Phil Hunt