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ITALIAN PLAYBOYS, distribuito negli U.S.A., tra gli altri, da CD-BABY, sta raccogliendo ottimi consensi...ecco cosa dicono i nostri fans dall'altra parte dell'oceano:

RATE: *****!
This Band Gets Better With Age!
Reviewer: John from Windsor
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Awesome CD from stern to bow. Their sound has developed more since Beat.It - and I say strictly in a good way. Playboys has all the substance of the former CD with more sophistication. This is the kind of CD that makes you feel COOL when you listen to it (even if your not).

RATE: *****!
Stunning tracks that deliver a Hammond groove with deep edgy Jazz
Reviewer: Joshua Crabtree
"Italian Playboys" is a very progressive compilation compared with earlier “Beat It” and “Episode 1.” The candy-pop of the Hammond has been fine tuned and added harmoniously with deep, edgy guitar riffs, making this disk more jazz/rock than previous albums. This dark blending can be seen perfectly in “Milwaukee Hunter” and “After and Once Again.” Contrasting this fantastic formula are several great Hammond Jazz tracks, including “Greased on Delta Street” and “Deliquesced By Devonshire”, both delivering classic vintage sounds not to disappoint the dutiful base. The two vocal tracks in the second act add a very nice "soundtrack" break. Concluding the collection is the relaxing “Spider Baby” emulating the trend of borrowed cultural music seen in the late 60’s early 70’s. This is a very solid album that moves fast (perhaps a little too fast), and nevertheless has combined the mod-pop with moody-jazz in a perfect blend and leaves the listener craving more.

As universal as rock and roll itself
Reviewer: Mark - The Rock and Roll Report
If you always wanted to spend some time with Italian Playboys then this is your chance. The Link Quartet emits a great, Hammond-fueled rock and roll buzz that is as universal as rock and roll itself. Really great stuff. Can you imagine listening to these guys in some cool, sweaty Italian rock and roll club!

RATE: *****!
RnB Jazz and pounding Hammond madness
Reviewer: soulgeneration (
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Hammond Beat is a name synonymous with excellence in its niche genre, they nurture and present the cream of the crop in the Hammond music scene from around the world. So with that said it's always a real pleasure to hear what they issue. The Link Quartet is not a disappointment, its almost as if The Brand New Heavies never happened and the spirit of acid Jazz had remained pure. If you were like me and wanted more of that wailing RnB Jazz and pounding Hammond madness and less candy floss then you'll love this! The Link Quartet produce the kind of organ madness that you'd expect to find more in a compilation of Library music dug up by Luke Vibert or Barry - 7, it transcends the normal mod purist sound that so many of their peers strive to perfect, a track 'Milwaukee Hunter' is more hip hop than even John Murtaugh's 'Slinky', but having said that there are some top notch straight ahead floor fillers here such as 'Rubber Monkey' which I can see being spun in every decent freakbeat room around the world. Featuring Eddie Roberts from the UK's The New Mastersounds and Doug Roberson from The Diplomats Of Solid Sound, there are some killer funk moments which will get some of the pre 66 obsessive folk skipping a track here and there and the more open minded of us turning the volume up, not your usual all-the-same-pace Hammond LP this one has more up and downs than a ride on John Holmes lap, there's a whole spectrum of sound and emotion from blistering 'The Champ' on acid freak outs to cheeky mod jazz pop to heavy guitar soaked grooves. Eddie Roberts's sitar on 'Spider Baby' will get the mod jet set, young and old, wetting themselves when they hear it. An essential soundtrack for very groovy times indeed.

RATE: ****
Stunning set of retro grooves
Reviewer: Nick Churchill - Daily Echo [UK]
SIMPLY stunning set of retro grooves from Italy's swingingest Hammond groove machine. Spider Baby adds a wigged out sitar to the mix and Gus Gus' Ladyshave gets a horny retread.

RATE: *****!
Searing B3
Reviewer: pipndale
Incredible craftsmanship! Hot! If you like the sound of the Hammond B3 as much as I do then this album is a must. My favourites on the cd are Move Move Move and Take Four. Don't forget to check out their other cd Beat It!

RATE: *****!
Crafty intense guitar/organ interplay
Reviewer: Mohair Sweets
A new release of fantastically smokin' Hammond-led chargers by the Link Quartet! But one trick ponies these Italian hep-cats ain't. They aren't at all afraid to dive head-first into some crafty intense guitar/organ interplay or to mix other dynamics, keyboards or studio effects in alongside their (largely) 60s-based sound. In fact track number four ("Milwaukee Hunter") would seem to owe plenty to things like the Sweeney soundtrack music. Division one stuff all the way and highly recommended.

RATE: *****!
The Link Quartet have certainly cooked up quite a feast!
Reviewer: Sean Cassidy (for Scoot! Quarterly)
Ah yes, an all-new stew of bombastic boogaloo from one of Italy's most delicious acts. Starting off with the tasty "Move, Move, Move" The Link Quartet sizzle thru some great tracks of rocking Hammond groove. There is an excellent cover of the bluesy "Rubber Monkey" originally done by Santa Barbara Machine Head, a group that featured a post Birds Ron Wood, and a pre Purple Jon Lord. Also on the menu is "Milwaukee Hunter" a slower track that really simmers. It's mellow, and kind of ambient, with a spacey synth floating throughout it. The spicy "Spider Baby" moves right along with an Indian flavor provided by the sound of the sitar. While the disc is heavy on instrumentals, there is the tempting "Janine" which is Zombies style pop that is sung in French, and well as the super sweet "Ladyshave" that is served up with some sexy whispered female vocals. By adding a dash of funk with cuts like "Greased on Delta St." and some rich robust jazz on "Portofino Vespa Rider" the Link Quartet have certainly cooked up quite a feast! Manga!!

RATE: *****!
Link Quartet New Album. Hurrah!
Reviewer: Alan OakleyYowzzer !
Just received the Link Quartets long awaited platter – Italian Playboys. It's wonderful! I liked the previous album “Beat it” with it's feel good 6Ts vibe and happy groove lines, but this is a much sleazier offering. The 6Ts vibe is still there, but this time round sees the Italian foursome also leaning healthily toward those moody library scores of the early 7Ts– and I've got to say - I like it! Songs I'd easily associate with the Link Quartet, are included on the album such as Italian Playboys , Deliquesced By Devonshire and Portofino Vespa Rider (To name but a few.) The Hammond is fast and the groove goes straight to the feet, But - it's the Darker experiment they've got going on with vintage library sounds that gives this album it's special sleaze factor... After & Once Again, Spider Baby, Milwaulkee Hunter and Take 4 would all sit proudly with the best that any Library studio could offer in the early 7Ts . Spider Baby is a particular favourite of mine with it's moody mixture of Hammond, Sitar, and Synth (who'd of thought that would work ! ) The clues were there on the first album that the Link Quartet had a darker side but it's certainly become manifest on this album. There's always a worry that a band is gonna screw up when they start messing with the formula that made people take notice in the first place , but there's no danger of that here. By taking their inspiration from classic vintage grooves it's impossible for the Link Quartet to disappoint anybody who has an ounce of Groove in their bones.