Dal distributore americano piĆ¹ groovy, in catalogo da oggi, i tre album LINK:

Link Quartet -- Episode 1 . . . CD . . . $13.99 (Item: 73669)
Animal Records (Spain), 2002 Condition: New
The first album from The Link Quartet -- the sweet little Hammond combo that grooves with a classic sound! Link follows in the spirit of the JTQ at their best -- going for a stripped-down guitar/organ groove that recalls the classic McGriff singles of the 60s, inflected here with a slight touch of soundtrack flair as well. The whole thing's nicely mod -- with a groovy feel all the way through that's sure to please any fan of retro jazzy organ work! Titles include "Link Theme", "The Streetbeater (Sanford & Son Theme)", "Il Baccala", "Prova Canali", "Claudia", "Alfa Romeo Giulietta", "Moira", and "Espionage".

Link Quartet -- Beat It . . . CD . . . $11.99 (Item: 72012)
Hammond Beat, 2002 Condition: New
A Hammond organ spectacular -- great back to basics work by the Link Quartet! These guys really know how to set up a groove -- tight organ licks, tasty guitar, and simple but effective thumping on drum and bass -- hitting all four burners with a sound that's pretty darn forceful, and very much in the best tradition of the mod Hammond underground! The album's a real cooker -- filled with outta site tunes that groove like lost 60s numbers -- played with a youthful freshness that also gets past the cliches! Titles include "Strudel Girl", "An Evening With Linda Lovelace", "Crosstown Traffic", "Somebody Stole My Thunder", "Gianni Fusi Nerini", and "Marshall Jim 100".

Link Quartet -- Italian Playboys . . . CD . . . $11.99 (Item: 367071)
Hammond Beat, 2004 Condition: New
Italian Hammond heroes The Link Quartet are back in action and sounding better than ever -- serving up a blistering array of organ, guitar, and heavy percussion -- all grooving with a sweet mix of 60s mod and 70s funk! The group's sound is expanded here a bit more through the used of electric piano, clavinet, mellotron, and moog -- but the core approach is still a no-nonsense love of the swinging soul jazz riff, presented with a stripped-down style that takes us back to some of our favorite indie label work of the 60s. There's an early JTQ feel to most of the album here, and although a few of the cuts on the set feature some guest vocals, the main focus is still on the organ and keyboards -- which loom large over the rest of the grooves! Titles include "Move Move Move", "Italian Playboys", "Briar Patch", "After & Once Again", "Spider Baby", "Take Four", "Rubber Monkey", "Milwaukee Hunter", and "Greased On Delta Street".