Ah yes, an all-new stew of bombastic boogaloo from one of Italy's most delicious acts. Starting off with the tasty "Move, Move, Move" The Link Quartet sizzle thru some great tracks of rocking Hammond groove. There is an excellent cover of the bluesy "Rubber Monkey" originally done by Santa Barbara Machine Head, a group that featured a post Birds Ron Wood, and a pre Purple Jon Lord. Also on the menu is "Milwaukee Hunter" a slower track that really simmers. It's mellow, and kind of ambient, with a spacey synth floating throughout it. The spicy "Spider Baby" moves right along with an Indian flavor provided by the sound of the sitar. While the disc is heavy on instrumentals, there is the tempting "Janine" which is Zombies style pop that is sung in French, and well as the super sweet "Ladyshave" that is served up with some sexy whispered female vocals. By adding a dash of funk with cuts like "Greased on Delta St." and some rich robust jazz on "Portofino Vespa Rider" the Link Quartet have certainly cooked up quite a feast! Manga!!

Sean Cassidy, 2004 (for Scoot! Quarterly - www.scootquarterly.com)